Quality Details
Hand Crafted
Uniqe handcrafted by all the women in the family, Suzana Textile natur flower design
Hand picked
Our Suzani textiles is handpicked by our team on our travels to Samarkand and Uzbekistan
Traditional Colorful Nature Patterns
Family Traditions Recycled

What is it we do

We are creating Gongbags from Suzani Textiles and this we call Soulfullbags(tm), a soulful bag is a bag with a soul and deep roots. The reason we do this is because we strongly belive that your gong deserve a soulful bag and a beautiful home for it self. And to take care of the cultural tradition in new ways is for us also a way to give respect to our ancestors.

Suzani embroidery is a unique traditional craft and art, and is being practiced by women again living in Central Asia, as it has been through the ages. Under Soviet rule the traditional making of Suzani was suppressed and it is therefore a wondrous celebration that this unique craft has been brought to life again since the early 90’s .

The very root of it is believed to be in the Fergana Valley that spreads across eastern Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. The term is derived from the Persian word for needlework “suzanikari”.

Suzani drawing came to represent the image of an ideal universe with the unity of magic and beauty and everlasting beautiful nature. Each and every motive and symbol used in Suzanikari is there to bring joy, fertility, long life, prosperity, fruitfulness, good health, hospitality etc, or alternatively to keep the evil eye at bay and to ward off all evil from the home.

We are traveling to Uzbekistan and selecting different fine Suzani Textiles that we find beautiful , and with respect for the one who made this art we would like to bring this into our life and a part of your life.

The process is to find, to connect with the culture, creating new friendships and finding new uses for the textiles so this artwork does not get lost.

We are bringing our textiles to Istanbul to our fine team of skilled tailors from Uzbekistan are creating the finished product a Soulfullbag ™ after our specification.

Suzani tells the enduring story of a mother’s love for her daughter and the beautiful handcrafted dowry pieces that they lovingly and laboriously created together for her wedding day to bring happiness, protection and prosperity into her married life. Various dowry pieces in silk or cotton formed part of the wedding ceremony as canopies and head dresses, before they became important adornments in the wedding chamber and after in the new home.

When a little girl was old enough, she would be taught the art and secrets of embroidery and help to create her own dowry pieces. She would present them to her groom on their wedding day. Beautiful embroidery work was very highly esteemed, and could earn women great respect in their community.

The work, energy, creativity and time that goes into creating Suzani Embroidery make them a truly “Living Art” , a “Herstory” as opposed to being part of “History”.

In every authentic Suzani, you will find a small deliberate fault, an unfinished area, a pen mark or some other personal characteristics as a reminder that man is not without mistakes, and also expresses the dream of the mother that her daughter will be then be inspired to continue in the art of Suzani creation.

Traditionally grandmothers passed on her family’s embroidery secrets and own Suzani designs to a younger woman in her family before she died. Alternatively it was believed she would share her magical talents in a dream if it happened that she died too suddenly.

Who are we behind the concept

Tor Arne and Hale

Hale Serpil Tasli (1969)

Public Relations Management, 6 Years Acsan Art & Cultur Center Oraganisaton Manager Art Festival, Coordinator of The International Operea signing Competition, Reiki Level II, EFT, Master in Museeum Studies, more than 20 Years experience in International Art & Culture Festival Organization and Management , 2,5 Years of experience and education in workshop in Breathwork (Bretathwork Facilitator under education). Sound Healer, Deep Memory Processes and Shamanic Work. Holographic Soundhealing and Gongplayer since 2014. Hale Serpil Tasli is a network builder and does this with love and compassion for the people she meets. She is focused on and caring for handcraft and saving the cultural inheritance. She has a big heart and you will always feel welcome in here company. She enjoy international work and building bridges between countries and different cultures s a part of here idealist view on how to create more peace in the world.

Tor Arne Haave (1964)

Master of Management (Org. Psykology), Diploma in International Economics and Marketing, Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Gongmaster, Sound Healer, TRE LII Facilitator (Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises ), CSMI (Certifed Silva Method Instructor), Bioenergetic Analysis (Currently under Education 2,5 years/Experience 10 years). First Education was Electrican. He is dedicated to work with people based on a shamanistic life view. He is motivated by the possibility to create more joy, love and harmony in thus world. Following his open heart he loves to make people laughter and develop their own creativity. He is a beliver in using a sens of humor meeting people without predjustice and no fear. He Advoceds that delvelopment of love and compassion is propably two of the most important skills we as humans can develop.

YES! I want to have a special handcrafted, uniqe bag made for my gong.