Sound Recording – Sound Scapes – Sound Production

Welcome to the Coma Project, a cutting-edge sound healing program designed for deep relaxation and restful sleep. Experience the benefits of brown noise, delta and theta waves, and melatonin production. Say goodbye to insomnia, anxiety, and other sleep-related issues. Discover the power of sound and start your journey to better well-being today.

Project AreaDescription
Sound HealingDeveloping new techniques and technologies for sound healing
Bioenergetic AnalysisResearching the use of bioenergetic principles to improve health and wellbeing
Gong DevelopmentCreating new gongs and techniques for their use in healing
AlivenessLabDeveloping a concept based on principles from Sydney Banks
Sound Healing HouseDeveloping a house based on theories from Wilhelm Reich for use in sound healing
Earthing TechnologiesResearching and developing technologies to support earthing for improved health and happiness

Aliveness Training ™️ Projects is focused on developing technologies and modalities to improve the wellbeing of humans around the world. The following table lists the projects that Aliveness Training is currently working on: