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80 cm
10 KG
2800 EXCL. VAT
Hagal is a gong of Celebration the Eternal change, the caring and maintaining principle in the universe, Higher Self and God within yourself. The holistic view of Body Mind Spirit as one. The essence of Sexual creative energy.

May your journey be safe in this life, filled with love joy and compassion. May you find peace with the highest one. May you always carry with you , your gong on the way for protection and for finding home to where you belong.


NORSE GONG ™ is a concept by Norwegian Gongmaster Tor Arne Håve. It is an idea to bring back a deep meaningful connection to yourself , back to the time where the runes (Norsemen Script language) where used. Runes was at that time also look on to with deep respect and the people held them to be magical symbols. Symbols that could express the will of Norse Goddesses and Gods. The runes was used in ceremonies to create changes in the world as the outer cosmos and in the inner cosmos, in the man himself.

We are collaborating with different artist and silversmiths in around the world to create these sacred handcrafted healing gongs. All gongs in the series of NORSE GONG ™ is handcrafted gongs following long tradition of handcraft ship. We are proud to present our collaboration with Martin Bläse · Silberschmiedemeister who produce beautiful harmonic gongs with his love and compassion for Nature and his Craftsmanship.

We are also proud to present our collaboration with Murat Diril· from Turkey and his team who produce beautiful harmonic hand held gongs NORSE GONGS ™ . The gong reflect their connection with Allah. Great to work with such a dedicate team of people.

Fire & Water Ceremony.

All NORSE GONG ™ gongs are going trough a ceremony before they are given to the person that becomes the keeper of the healing spirit.

THE Fire & Water Ceremony is based on the ancient myth of «the death of Balder» In this myth Frigg mother of balder is making all elements and living being make an oath to protect her Son Balder from being hurt or dying. Frigg first ask the Fire and Water. We do so not to protect ourself from dying or to be hurt but to fill our life with a content of truthfulness , aliveness and joy. So when we are alive we do not seek for immortality but for a real way of being. Therefore we ask the gongs to guard us with the help of all elements , but first of all Fire & Water.

How can you buy a NORSE GONG ™ ?

These gongs are sold as a part of a concept we call GONG ON WAY – AMBASSADOR or GONG ON WAY – TRAINING PACKAGE In all cases we do not see them as objects to be just delivered and then we are finished with the transaction. We honor the spiritual connection and you as the buyer and sees you as a part of our greater family. A part of our GONG ON THE WAY – FAMILY

Our Values are Limitless Love, Limitless Joy, Limitless Compassion and Limitless Equanimity for all sentient beings.

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