Sacred Gong exhibition with Martin Bläse (11:00-17:00)

Martin Bläse
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17-21 Jun 2019

This Event is Free of Charge

Sacred Gong exhibition with Martin Bläse (11:00-17:00)

Gongs are among the oldest musical instruments of humanity and the most progressive too.
Silversmith master Martin Bläse has learned to make gongs from his father and grandfather.
From this knowledge he developed his his own and unique art of gong forging.

He is going to visit Larvik and our Festival in June with his most beautiful sound creations.
For example the KARMA GONGS Earth and Heaven which were created
to alleviate fateful suffering and to prevent new suffering,
Earth, 41inches bronze, 46 lbs, to heal the roots,
Heaven, 41inches titanium, 17 lbs, to bless the future.

The beautiful Dolphin Gong, 34 inches titanium, 12 lbs,
Ananda, the gong for the heart, 26 inches titanium, 6 lbs,
the hand held gong Blue Planet, 22 inches titanium, 4 lbs
and several other wonderful instruments.
All gongs are for sale, in this exhibition without shipping costs.

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Sacred Gong exhibition with Martin Bläse is a free event.

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