Festival Opening – Beyond Gong (Martin Bläse)- Soundhealing Journey (Runar Halonen) and Vegvisr Prize (18:00-21:00)

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Lotussenteret – Larvik

Festival Opening – Beyond Gong (Martin Bläse)- Soundhealing Journey (Runar Halonen) and Vegvisr Prize (18:00-21:00)

Program for the festival opening

17:30 Doors is opening

Program for the festival opening

17:30 Doors is opening
18:00 Opening by Tor Arne Håve & Scilla Treschow Hokholt
18:15 Opening Concert by Martin Bläse
19:00 Soundhealing Journey With Runar Halonen
19:30 Vegvisr prize ceremony – Candidate will receive the prize from Mehtab Benton
20:30 End of ceremony

Opening Concert

“If you want to know what’s beyond gong, listen to the BEYOND Gong”

Concert with Martin Bläse (Germany)

Martin Bläse is Master of Silversmithing, third generation Gong Maker, Gong Player, Meditation Facilitator and Creator of Wonderful Instruments.

He plays the KARMA GONGS to alleviate and to prevent fateful suffering, the 41″ bronze EARTH gong to heal the roots, the 41″ titanium HEAVEN gong to bless the futureand beyond, the 55″ BEYOND gong.

Several other resonating objects will take you back to reality in a peaceful way.

Sound healing Journey With Runar Halonen

Runar is channeling sound healing , a joureny where gong meets the music. Runar leads you trough deep healing and a meditative journey in your inner landscape.

The Vegvisir Prize

The Vegvisr prize is a prize for a person who has shown by his or her work willingness to lead in the field of what we think of as aliveness work. Aliveness work is what brings more vitality, better health, joyfulness and loving kindness for all. The price was first given to Mehtab Benton in 2017 in his workshop at Yoga Mangalam in Sweden. For his work of in yoga and for bringing the gong out to people internationally.

We want this prize to be for both women and men, so this time we would like it to go to a woman. It is a prize not only for the well known or famous but for “the every day hero”. It could be a local person or a international person.

The prize should go to a person that is a leader in his/her field of work, that show leadership and has shown the way for many others. It could be a yoga teacher, a healer, doctor, nurse, nun, priest, munk, , mother, father, brother , sister , the list goes on…A person who is doing good to guide others into a better way of living is also another way to say this.

The prize itself is for this year a new “secret” handcrafted musical instrument designed by our own art designer Gizem from Istanbul.

The Vegvisr prize is a semi annual price so next time will be in 2021.

Other information


Incuded in the festivalpass

  • Aquarian Morning Sadhana
  • Gong Chill in the Garden 
  • Festival Opening Concert  Beyond Gong with Martin Bläse and the Vegvisr Prize
  • Cacao Ceremony & Gong Flow Dance
  • Groovy Evening with Gongbath
  • Gong Poetry – Jesper Lundqvist
  • Awakening the compassionate heart – Cecilie Fuglerud
  • Light of Summer Gong Puja – Festival Last Night

Sacred Gong exhibition with Martin Bläse is a free event.

Details about the venue and places to stay nearby

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Other events in the festival

Together we will create more aliveness and joy!

Our festival is your festival, a place to enjoy the sound waves of gongs , experience the music within, connect with the ground in you and others trough movement and dance.